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   We are a non-profit organization that consists of seven Members that are serious and professional about proving and even disproving the existence of ghosts and other entities at any given location. We are the Paranormal investigators that care about helping our clients and their privacy, all our members are required to sign an agreement of strict confidence and are bound by this contract to keep all investigations, investigation locations and client names a secret. We are a group willing to come into your home or business and investigate the possibility of a haunting for free, and even invite you as the client to join us to see with your own eyes what we are doing and how an investigation works. We will not post any evidence, or discuss any evidence gathered with anyone other then the client or a TMPS member unless the Client give us their permission. Our site is dedicated to our investigations and potential investigations of paranormal activity and the evidence we collect. Our goal as Paranormal Investigators are first and foremost to help our clients satisfy their interests and concerns and next would be the scientific evidence of life continuing after death.  So if you live in Southwest Michigan or Northwestern Indiana and think you have Paranormal activity going on at your home or business then please feel free to contact us for an interview and maybe we can help you too.

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T.M.P.S. Investigation of the Three Oaks Public Library 9/7/13

With the end of the Summer of 2013, the entire T.M.P.S. team was assembled to investigate the Three Oaks Public Library in Three Oaks Michigan, a more than a century old building which was the heart of the town. Evidence is being reviewed as of this post and will be made available shortly. ~ The T.M.P.S. team.

Finally released, one of the most impressive photos of the paranormal caught by T.M.P.S.! - Posted (6/22/13)

New uploaded T.M.P.S. EVPs! - Posted (4/15/13)

Some of the best T.M.P.S. evp captures to date, have now been uploaded to our EVP page with more to come!  

Great news for our fans and wannabe "ghost hunter" alike! - Posted (4/10/13)

So you want to be a "ghost hunter" and join the T.M.P.S on an investigation? Well here's your chance!

 Previously We had posted about fans going on a hunt with us if they find us a location. Listed are the rules/requirements for this happening. This will take effect as of May 1, 2013. TMPS serves Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana but may consider traveling a little further if possible.

1) You or anyone else that hunts with us MUST be at least 18 years of age.

2) If we select you to go on an investigation with us, you may bring only 1 guest with you and they must be at least 18 years old.

3) Both you and your guest MUST sign a waiver stating that TMPS will NOT be held responsible for any injuries etc. that may occur during the investigation.

4) The date and time set up for the investigation is based on what the client wants and not what works for you. So, if you already have plans for that date, you and your guest DO NOT get a rain check. If you cannot make it on that date, you will need to find another location if you wish to go on an investigation with TMPS.

5) Your guest (or anyone else) may not come in your place! You must attend the investigation in order for your guest to attend as well.

6) You must agree to follow all rules that apply when investigating with TMPS. Those rules will be explained to you prior to the investigation.

7) TMPS has the right to decline any location without any explanation to you or the location owner/renter etc.

8) You may NOT bring your own equipment. Many of our clients request confidentiality and we must respect that.

9) You may request your own location if you have or think you have paranormal activity.

10) You may submit a location once per month.


1) If you think you know of a good location that we would like to investigate, you must first contact me explaining to me the location name, where it is located and why you feel we should investigate there. You can contact me at: or

2) I will then discuss the location with the team. If we decide that it would be a good place to investigate, I will contact you back via email and let you know that we have approved it and that you may attempt to speak to the location owner/renter etc.

3) It will be up to you to convince the potential client to let us come there. The potential client must then contact me via email or phone (269-545-3108) and they must mention your name! Once a date and time has been scheduled, I will contact you informing you of the date and time. It will be your responsibility to be on there on time and you must provide your own transportation.

4) If you are late to the investigation, we will begin without you and you will be excluded from any future investigations with TMPS unless you contact me immediately with an explanation as to why you will be late.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me either here on this page, my personal page or email:


*This announcement is subject to change*


T.M.P.S. team meeting. - (Posted 4/8/13)

Over the weekend, the members of T.M.P.S. held a meeting to discuss new ideas, and the future of the team. Along with welcoming our newest team member,  Amy Mcdonald, T.M.P.S. has exciting news coming soon for our fans and wannabe ghost hunters alike! Stay tuned, details coming soon!  

T.M.P.S. gearing up for new investigations in 2013. - Posted (3/28/13)

With the spring of 2013 upon us, T.M.P.S. is gearing up with all new investigations, new ghost hunting techniques, theories on the paranormal, tools and gadgets, and an addition or two of new team members into the mix! And with the successful lecture on "Ghost Hunting" at the Niles library last year, we hope to bring you more informative and interactive lectures in the near future. And as T.M.P.S. grows, the team would like to thank you  for your continued support into the growing field of the paranormal, and helping us to bring it more so to the forefront to give the public a better understanding of the things that go "bump" in the night!



 As with many other sites, the Forum is the place for discussion and questions. The T.M.P.S. team is always willing to answer all questions to the best of our knowledge. So as a guest of our site please feel free to ask as many questions as you would like. Visit the Forum to get started now.

Introduction and meet the T.M.P.S. team.

Please visit the Introduction area to see how T.M.P.S. came to be and meet our current team members!

T.M.P.S. YouTube Video of the Month! - Posted (5/4/13)







Note* This video was not created or authenticated by T.M.P.S.

Ghost Hunters Returns! - Posted (4/1/13) 

T.M.P.S. Captured EVPs.

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